Vivigle News

Assistant of VP for the Development of Vivigle, CHITO MABANTA on the meeting with the Prime Minister of Macedonia, Zoran Zaev.
The Vice president of new business and development, Joy Case, after the summit of cryptocurrency investments. Meeting with Tim Draper.
The assistant of the Vice President for Development, Chito Mabanta, on the meeting with the son of Hong Kong Exchange founder.
The head office of Polybank; with the President of Polybank
Vivigle Team
Vivigle Team
Meeting with Will Walker (Head of Business Development at Crowdcreate).
The presentation of Vivigle, and meeting with Polybank and Polyrose
The presentation of Vivigle The meeting was attended by the Bitactive Agency (Belarus) and John Galacher (USA).
Meeting in the office of the companies ZYT FinTech, Shenzhen, China.
Meeting with the Director of PIL.
The signing of the memorandum for the cooperation between GenCap Group and Vivigle Inc.
Meeting with the President of BB « BLACK BANKS »  The presentation of the project Vivigle and negotiations of providing our system for operating with the cryptocurrency in banks
The signing of a $500 million MOU on services, between Vivigle Inc. and ZYT FinTech. ZYT is the FinTech company in China, which obtained a license from the Central Bank of China in order to work with cryptocurrency.
The meeting of the Vice President of Vivigle Inc., Argo Gevorgyan, with leaders of the company Hongkong Hang Tung Pay Limited.