About Vivigle

VIVIGLE provides information and analytical services for cryptocurrency transactions.

We are experts in blockchain technology with extensive experience in cryptographic products, methods of structuring information and working with databases.

Vivigle provides an opportunity to use all the positive aspects working with cryptocurrencies - get your wallet's rating and analytics, evaluate your counterparty even
if the user is not registered in our system.

How to trust a new partner, no matter an individual or a company, if it is impossible to verify?

Vivigle is an independent and objective rating of individuals (their wallets and profiles), companies (their wallets and profiles), their various cryptocurrency accounts.
We have developed a complex system that takes into account numerous parameters based on wallet balances, transaction activity, trust rating, professional skills
and a couple dozen more parameters that we do not want to disclose.

Vivigle ratings are very objective and cannot be faked.

We understand that right now cryptocurrencies are not used universally and the need for ratings will appear a bit later, but now you have the opportunity to register,
link and verify wallets to your profiles and start earning your rating. This will allow you to compete successfully with related businesses and adequately assess your current performance, receive loans from banks, use insurance services.

We have prepared several articles for you to describe the possibilities and relevance of rating indicators.

Competition in business with cryptopayments: participants need ratings

Date: October 12, 2018
Over the last few years, the market of cryptocurrency payments has vigorously developed, including due to the fact that business communities have appreciated the advantages of settlements in virtual coins. Every year, the volume of transactions grows; many businesses and corporations all over the world are massively implementing cryptopayments...

Vivigle service: checking and rating cryptocurrency wallets

Date: November 1, 2018
Despite the fast pace of development of the crypto industry and the obvious advantage of blockchain-based technologies, cryptocurrency has not yet become a ubiquitous and universal instrument for settlements. Everybody wants payments to be made without delays and without draconian fees collected by the bank system....

Vivigle service: a credit bureau in the cryptocurrency world

Date: November 20, 2018
It's not so long ago that public institutions and traditional bank institutions as well as all active participants of the classic financial system viewed new opportunities of cryptocurrency technologies with a pinch of salt and distrust. Banks and governments viewed cryptocurrency rather like an enemy, without noticing those favorable qualities that are associated with it...

Benefits of VIVIGLE

Wallet & Profile Info & Ratings

Your crypto wallet is already indexed and has a rating on several parameters. Look at your rating and earn a reputation. Sooner or later you will realize that it helps you with business.



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TrustLink - a proof of ownership

If your partner needs proof that you own a wallet and, consequently, the funds to pay for the goods, then by sending a TrustLink you are guaranteed to convince the partner that this wallet belongs to you.

Follow Wallet or Profile

You can to track the flow of funds to any wallet or a bunch of profile's wallets and receive notifications by email or SMS.

Purpose of Payment as a Guarantee of Performance of Obligations

This is an analogue of a smart contract that allows you to write the purpose of any payment in the blockchain and attach the technical task to it, and your contractor accepting this payment purpose is responsible for the proper fulfillment of obligations. Service is part of the rating system.