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  • Why Should I Sign Up with VIVIGLE?
    Vivigle is an exclusively unique resource. Our goal is to analyze and structure the blockchain data. We see every wallet address, every transaction and other operations. These data help us rate the wallets and user accounts. These ratings are important for building of a civilized operation model that involves transparent and competing parties.
  • Registration on Website.
    You can choose any status on our Website:

    1. Simple registration (without KYC).
    2. Verified user (KYC).
    3. Verified anonymous user (KYC + confidentiality settings)

    Simply register with the system, to pass the original registration on the Website and to be able to add wallets to your account. However, if you wish to identify yourself, thereby increasing your rating with the help of the trust indicator, you need to pass the KYC procedure. You can stay anonymous by choosing the appropriate confidentiality settings in your account.
  • Confidentiality Parameters
    To remain an anonymous user of Vivigle system while having the maximum Trust rating, you can purchase the service in Anonymous Mode. In this section, you can adjust various confidentiality settings important for the placement of your public profile in search engine. You can purchase this service for ViviCoins at the following rates: 100 ViviCoins /month 5,000 ViviCoins/ for life
  • KYC Procedure
    User authentication (KYC) is directly linked to your Trust rating. This is your trust indicator as you show it to the entire world and your partners. High trust rating is important if you sell services or commodities for crypto currency and to keep your partner confident about your trustworthiness. KYC procedure needs to be taken only once and can be edited to reflect any changes in your personal details.
  • Why Should I Link Wallet Addresses to My Profile?
    Each wallet address already has its own rating in Vivigle. By linking your wallet address to the registered profile, you:
    - provide the proof of your sole ownership of this address;
    - increase overall wallet rating; and
    - increase overall profile rating.
  • Adding Wallets to Profile and Verification
    Your added and verified wallets are stored in the Addresses. To add and verify a new wallet address in your profile, go to Addresses and click on Add Address. Choose the crypto currency of your wallet, the type of wallet and the method of verification. So far, verification procedures vary from wallet to wallet. To find out more about verification methods, go to our YouTube channel
  • Why the Balance in My Wallet and Vivigle Balance are Different?
    Vivigle is working with open data from Blockchain. The difference in balances, or absence thereof, depends on your wallet operation algorithm.

    For more details click here.
  • Can Anyone Use the Information to Cause Me any Harm?
    The information you provide is protected and stored in accordance with the Privacy Policy. The information about wallet addresses is available in Blockchain, i.e. public. We structure and rate the data for the data cluster by a number of parameters.
  • Account Management and Moderation of Profile
    Once you log in, any settings of your profile will be available. Please fill out every line. The more information you provide, the higher is your rating. Don’t forget, every activity in the system earns you tokens which you can use to pay for the services on Website.
  • Notification Settings
    Go to your account settings and choose the kind of notifications you would like to receive to your e-mail by clicking on/off the appropriate checkboxes in Profile> Notification.
  • What are the System Search Parameters?
    Vivigle system searches by the wallet addresses, Vivigle User ID, first name and surname, and hashtags. For further convenience of the users, we intend to expand search results by preset filters.
  • How Do I Share My Address or Profile?
    On page of each wallet address or profile, you will find Share button. Click on it to share this page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.
  • What Are the Hashtags and How Are They Used on Website?
    Hashtags are the key words that are used for searches on our Website. They will help you find the user’s profile or address by the topic that interests you. You will be remunerated in ViviCoins for adding hashtags. The search by hashtags on our Website proceeds through the symbol #.
  • How to Link Social Networks to My Profile?
    Sign in to your account, go to Profile > General to find the option of adding the social networks. So far, there are over 20 of them in the system. Please remember that adding your social network will earn you 20 tokens in ViviCoins.
  • How Much does Vivigle Charge for its Services and How Do I Pay for Them?
    Vivigle services and their prices are listed on page Service. One can order the service directly from the Wallet Address or Profile, or on page Service at the top of the Website. Select the Service parameters and pay with tokens in accordance with the Price List. Details of the ordered Services are saved to Vivigle Wallet.
  • What is Follow Profile?
    Follow profile is a service that will notify you on the amounts credited to/debited from the cluster of wallets linked to the profile. Payments are made in ViviCoin tokens. You will receive notifications to your e-mail. More details
  • What is Follow Address?
    Follow Address is a service that will notify you on the movement of assets on the selected wallet address. Payments are made in ViviCoins. You will receive notifications to your e-mail.
    More details
  • How Do I Send and Receive Messages in Vivigle?
    You can send messages in Vivigle to any registered user by its address or by Vivigle ID. The user will see your message instantly. If the wallet verification in profile is still pending or the user is not registered, your message will be delivered after the registration and verification of the recipient’s address.
  • What is Smart Deal?
    The deal made between two registered Vivigle users that guarantees the success of your contract relationship. More details
  • What is Trustlink?
    Trustlink is a tool for confirming the ownership of a wallet or a cluster of wallets. It comes in handy when your partner wishes to make sure that this particular wallet really belongs to you. You will be offered to create Trustlink by Vivigle ID for registered users, or by e-mail for all users. Attention! Upon reception of Trustlink by e-mail, the unregistered user will have to register to be able to read the message.
    More details
  • What is Notary Statement?
    Notary Statement is an official document from the analytical service. It may register the fact of any payment – investments – or serve as a general statement of account, similar to the bank statement.
  • What is Report Address?
    If you are a victim of cheating or fraud involving the wallet, you can file a report and the administration will consider it so as to enable us take the appropriate measures against the perpetrator. Please file the report only when you are 100% sure of a fraud. You can use this service by clicking “Report the Address” on the page of the relevant address.
  • How Do I Use Vivigle Wallet?
    Vivigle Wallet shows your balance in ViviCoins and cryptocurrencies sent by you at the time of verification (if you choose “Send Coin” option). These assets will be available for conversion into ViviCoins.
    Here you can also browse your active services, archive of services and ViviCoins movement from your profile.
  • How Do I Top Up My ViviCoins Balance?
    Your balances and Vivigle Wallet are available upon registration and can always be seen at the top of the Website. All services at Vivigle shall be paid for with ViviCoins.
    If the amount of tokens in your wallet is not sufficient, you can top up your balance using a cryptocurrency (Сoinpayments) or by Pay Pal. Please remember the awards from the system for your activities and the referral program.
  • How Much is a ViviCoin Token Worth?
    At the launch of the project, we intend to sell and distribute tokens (referral system) at the rate of 1 token = 0.01 $. To be exact, we estimate the cost of our services in tokens at this rate so far. We may revise the cost of our services and the exchange rates for ViviCoins someday.
  • Can I Share My Tokens With Another User?
    Yes, of course. You can share tokens from your Vivigle Wallet to another user by its ID.
  • Where Else Can I Use ViviCoins?
    ViviCoins are used only in our project. We negotiate with other projects for establishment or partnership and acceptance of our tokens.
  • Can I Draw ViviCoins to External Wallets?
    So far, we have no such function but we expect to add it shortly.
  • How Does the Referral System Work?
    The Vivigle Referral System helps our users earn ViviCoins by inviting friends, subscribers, etc.
    What makes our referral system attractive is that your structure has an unlimited number of levels. You will earn one token from each of your friends, friends of your friends, and so on – ad infinitum. Each of your direct referrals will earn you 10 tokens. At the moment, the referral system works in promo mode and will be active for a limited period.
  • What Activities Will Earn Me Tokens?
    ViviCoins will be paid for specific actions. For details: REFERRALS
  • How Do You Calculate the User Ratings?
    Vivigle has already indexed all existing addresses of wallets in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and LiteCoin, and keeps indexing the new wallets, transactions and data. In other words, if you have cryptocurrency in these coins, you have our rating as well.

    Now we are able to show ratings of:

    - wallets (addresses);
    - user profiles for cluster of their wallets;
    - companies, including joint ratings of their co-owners (service under development); and
    - startups and ICO, including joint ratings of their co-owners, advisors and partners (service under development).

    For details of the address rating calculation methods click here .
  • How Often Are the Ratings Updated?
    Vivigle ratings are updated and re-calculated in online mode, so they are up to date whenever you visit our page.
  • What IS SKILL Rating Point?
    SKILL Rating – make secured and smart transactions via the Smart Deal service and soon you will get rated by your partner whose opinion will have impact on this parameter.
  • What is TRUST Rating Point?
    TRUST Rating – take the KYC procedure, fill our every box of your profile with accurate information and link your social network accounts. Be open to the market while expanding your opportunities!
  • Does Vivigle Rate the Wallet Whose Owner is not Registered in the System?
    Yes. All Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and LiteCoin wallets are indexed and rated in the system. The wallet rating is not fully functional until you link your wallet to the profile and complete verification procedure. After the linking and verification, the rating will cover more parameters. If you intend to work honestly, build your reputation and be open to your counterparty – get your registration.