• Why register in VIVIGLE?
    Vivigle is the only and unique resource. Our goal is analytics and blockchain data structuring. We see all wallets, all transactions, and other activities. These data allow us to produce users' and wallets' ratings for you. Ratings are necessary for building a civilized work model when parties are transparent and compete.
  • Does Vivigle produce a wallet's rating even if the wallet's owner is not registered in the system?
    Yes. All Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin cryptocurrency wallets are indexed in the system and have ratings. A wallet's rating is not full-featured until you bind your wallet to the profile and verify it. Then the rating will reflect more parameters. If you want to work fairly, build your reputation and be open with your counterparty – register.
  • Registration on the website
    On our website, you may have the following statuses:
    1. Simple registration (without KYC)
    2. Verified user (KYC)
    3. Verified anonymous user (KYC + privacy settings)

    For initial registration on the website and in order to be able to add your wallets to your profile, you simply need to get registered in the system.If however you want to identify yourself, heightening your rating by means of the TRUST indicator, you have to pass the KYC procedure. You will be able to stay anonymous by customizing privacy settings in your account.
  • Account management and profile moderation
    In your account, any settings of your account will be available to you, use all of the fields, fill your profile with information. The more information, the higher your rating is. And don't forget, for any activity you earn the system's tokens with which services are paid for on the website.
  • Why bind wallets to the profile?
    In Vivigle, there are all wallets and they already have a rating. By binding your wallet to a profile that you have created, you heighten the overall profile's rating which is computed based on actual data on the cluster of your wallets.
  • Adding wallets to your profile and verification
    Your bound wallets are located in the Wallets section (log in). In order to add and verify a new wallet to your profile go to the ADDRESSES section and press ADD ADDRESS button. Then, you choose the cryptocurrency a wallet in which you are adding, enter the address in the respective field, write the wallet name (for you) and optionally add 6 tags with which this wallet will be shown in search results, if somebody is searching by keywords. Then, press ADD button. A new unverified wallet appears in the wallet list. You need to press VERIFY button and follow the instructions shown on the verification page (need to send any amount (a few Satoshi) to the specified address and after funds are received to the Vivigle wallet your address will be verified automatically. The transaction may take half an hour to 5 hours.
  • Privacy settings
    In your account, you can customize the level of your profile's anonymity by ticking or clearing boxes.
  • Notification settings
    In your account, you can set what specific notifications you want to receive to your e-mail or the internal messenger by ticking or clearing boxes.
  • KYC procedure (Know your Client)
    User verification (KYC) is directly relevant to your rating by the TRUST score. It is an index of confidence in you that you show to the world and your partners. You need a high TRUST rating if you sell services or goods for a cryptocurrency and want your partner not worry about your reliability. The KYC procedure is performed once and can be edited, if your data have changed.

    If staying anonymous is important to you, you can buy a confidential package for 1200 tokens for a year ($12) and stay fully anonymous but with a high rating.
  • KYC procedure – stay anonymous (Know your Client)
    If once you have passed the KYC procedure you want to hide your name, location or any other data, you can buy and pay for a confidentiality package for 1200 tokens ($12) per year and stay fully anonymous, having however a high rating.
  • What are Hashtags?
    Hashtags are keywords used in searching on our website. Hashtags can be assigned both to each address (wallet) separately, and to the profile. If you use a specific wallet for trade transactions on an exchange, then when hashtags linked to the exchange are added you can receive special offers from various exchanges. Of course, you will have to enable the receipt of such offers.
  • By what parameters does the system perform search?
    In Vivigle system, search is done by wallet addresses (allowing for going to the profile of the user whose address you are searching for), user profiles (Full Name), hashtags. In addition, search can be done by groups, for example, search among wallets with a balance of more than ….
  • How to bind social networks to your profile
    In your account, in Profile > General tab, there is a block with adding social networks; at present, there are more than 20 in the system. We remind you that when add your social network you receive a reward in the amount of 20 ViviCoin tokens.
  • How to share an address page or a profile
    On the page of each address of a wallet or a profile, there is a Share button by pressing which you can share this page in Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter social networks.
  • Can anybody use information to do harm to me?
    Information that we produce on a user's page is open; we just structure data and produce a rating for a cluster of data by various parameters. If you want to use Vivigle rating and want to have a high rating (having passed KYC verification) but you don't want everybody see your personal information, you can hide it by buying a confidentiality package on the website. This package is paid for with ViviCoin tokens and costs 120 tokens. You can earn tokens for free through performing activities on filling your profile or in the referral program.


  • How much do Vivigle services cost and how to pay for them?
    The list of Vivigle services is located on Services page. A service can be ordered directly from the wallet's or the profile's page or using services. Once a service is ordered, it is put in the shopping cart in the Vivigle wallet; you can go to this cart from the website header. Services in the cart (if any) are paid for by pressing PAY NOW button. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  • What is FOLLOW WALLET?
    Follow wallet is a service that will notify you of crediting or debiting funds to/from the wallet. This service can be paid for with ViviCoin tokens (except text message notification to your cell phone). You can receive notification on the flow of funds in the following ways:
    1. Text message to your cell phone (the service is paid for only with BTC)
    2. Messenger within the system
    3. E-mail
    Follow profile is a service that will notify you of crediting or debiting funds to/from a cluster of wallets bound to the profile. The service can be paid for in ViviCoin tokens (except text message notification to your cell phone). You can receive notification on the flow of funds in the following ways:
    1. Text message to your cell phone (the service is paid for only with BTC)
    2. Messenger within the system
    3. E-mail
  • What is TRUSTLINK?
    Trustlink is a tool to prove the ownership of a wallet or a cluster of wallets. It is necessary when your partner wants to check your paying capacity. Trustlink is created for another Vivigle id or is sent to your partner's e-mail. Using the link, your partner will receive a verification message and summary information on your profile. In Vivigle, a trustlink cannot be sent from an unverified wallet; that is why your partner will be sure that the wallet you refer to definitely belongs to you.
  • What is SMART DEAL?
    Assigning to any incoming or outgoing payment its Purpose means creating an Agreement between the parties in which services or goods that are the subject of the agreement are described. Vivigle provides a simple and understandable interface where the parties can initiate creation of such agreement and, after it is performed, assess each other by a number of points. This assessment underlies SKILL rating. It is a kind of a feedback system, but with linkage to a specific payment. This payment can be made in any third-party wallet – it doesn't matter by what method the payment is made. Your future counterparties will decide on working with you by this point.
  • What is WATCHMAN?
    The Watchman function is a tool for keeping track of transactions for owners of a cluster of wallets. It is a very useful service if you have, for example, five stores that are located in different places and accept payments in a cryptocurrency - you can add all wallets to your profile and keep track of all of the transactions.
  • What is MESSAGING?
    In Vivigle, you can send a message to the messenger of an address of interest. The user you have sent a message to will see it instantly and if the wallet has not yet been bound to a profile (owner) it will receive your message upon registration.
    If you have been deceived or become a victim of fraud using a wallet, you can submit a complaint that will be considered by the administration so that we can take action against this user. Complaints should be submitted only if you have 100% evidence of fraud.
  • What currencies I can pay for services with?
    Your balances and Vivigle wallet are accessible to you upon registration and are always visible in the website header.
    All services on Vivigle website are paid for with ViviCoin tokens. In addition, in a Vivigle wallet, you can also deposit advances to the account in Bitcoin or Ethereum; services can be paid for with these cryptocurrencies at the current rate.

referral system

  • How does the referral system work?
    The referral system in Vivigle allows users to earn ViviCoin tokens by inviting your friends, subscribers, etc. to register. Our referral system is attractive because the number of levels in your structure is not limited; you will receive one token from each of friends of your friends and friends of friends of your friends and so on – infinitely. From your direct referrals you will receive 10 tokens for each.
  • For what activities do tokens accrue?
    We accrue tokens practically for any of your activities that fills the system with information and allows us to rate users more accurately. All accruals can be seen on Earnings page.
  • How quickly will I be able to begin using tokens?
    Vivigle services are paid for with tokens; you can use available services at any time.

vivicoin tokens

  • What is the price of a ViviCoin token now?
    At the stage of project startup, we want to sell out and distribute tokens (referral system) at 0.01 $ per token. To be specific, we valuate our services in tokens for which we have now set such price. This grace period will last one year.

    In 1 year, we will revaluate our services and the token, respectively, to $1.

    We are expecting to have our token listed on a number of exchanges to ensure circulation and the easiness to but it.
  • The price of a ViviCoin token in a year?
    The price of a ViviCoin token as of November 1, 2019 will be equal to $1.

    For the grace period (1 year), we have set the price of the token $0.01.
  • How to use a Vivigle wallet?
    A Vivigle wallet shows you all balances available to you for paying for services within the system. In a wallet, you can buy ViviCoin tokens, deposit funds to the account in btc or eth, view your active services, and the Archive service.
  • Where else can I use Vivigle tokens?
    ViviCoin tokens are used only in our project. We are discussing with some projects the possibility of partner relations and acceptance of our tokens.
  • Can I transfer tokens to another user?
    Yes, sure, in a Vivigle wallet, you can transfer tokens to another user's id.
  • Can I withdraw ViviCoin tokens to external wallets?
    So far we don't have this function, but it will become available in the near future.


  • How do we compute user ratings?
    Vivigle has already indexed all existing wallets in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and LiteCoin blockchains and continues to index new wallets, transactions and data. That is, if you have a cryptocurrency in these coins, then you also have our rating.

    Now we can show
    - ratings of wallets (addresses)
    - ratings of user profiles for a cluster of their wallets
    - ratings of companies, taking into account overall ratings of their co-owners
    - ratings of startups and ICOs, taking into account overall ratings of their co-owners, advisors, partners.

    You can see the methodology of computation of addresses' ratings here.
  • What happens to a rating with SKILLS indicator?
    SKILL rating is our attempt to determine your professional value. These are data of your social networks, data from a counterparty and partner assessment system and many others.
  • How often are ratings updated?
    Ratings are updated and recomputed online and are actual as of the time the page is downloaded by you.
  • Why Vivigle ratings can be taken as a standard?
    Every time a transaction with a new partner or contractor is entered into, we want you to check its rating and indicators in Vivigle. Vivigle shows your real indicators and assessments that cannot be forged. If you sell furniture for cryptocurrency, the fact that you have many payments with the purpose "for such and such furniture" and subsequent assessments by this purpose is an indicator. We assess your indicators!