Why Verify Wallet

Of course we understand that it is a very nice feature in crypto currencies - remaining anonymous, but it only works in your direction.

When you want to deal with someone and especially when you transfer to your future partner an advance payment, you want to understand that the person at the other end of the transaction is not a fraudster, he understands that his reputation can suffer from poorly executed services or goods.

We all want to ensure that we get what we expect from our counterparty.

When you register in the VIVIGLE system, go through the user verification procedure, add and verify your wallets (show that you are the real owner of the wallet), the level of confidence in you is growing as does your rating. Your customers understand that you want to play by the rules and are ready to meet the reputation.

If you want to remain anonymous - no problem!

We do not force you to show your real name and surname - in the VIVIGL system, even when you pass the KYC procedure, you can remain anonymous for the whole world and give access to your information only to those who request it. You can tune up your confidentiality settings are in the user profile.

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